Clean Growth 1.0

Building a Canadian environmental superpower

Canada urgently needs a coordinated national response to address climate change. But governments are taking a patchwork approach that will make it harder rather than easier to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Clean Growth 1.0 identifies four ways to position Canada as both an energy and an environmental superpower:

  • Price signals ensure that energy use reflects its environmental costs, and these signals can be strengthened through market-based mechanisms such as emissions trading and environmental taxation; 
  • Investment in new technologies can help Canada and the rest of the world achieve a rising standard of living with a reduced environmental impact;
  • Targets are an important spur to action in reducing GHG emissions, but real and sustainable improvements in environmental performance come when healthy firms can attract capital and expertise to drive innovation; and
  • Canada must champion a future international process that will ensure the participation of all major emitting countries.

“As business leaders, we share the goal of slowing, stopping and reversing the growth of global greenhouse gas emissions over the shortest period of time that is reasonably achievable.”

Richard B. Evans, President and CEO, Rio Tinto Alcan
Richard L. George, President and CEO, Suncor Energy Inc.